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Multi-day adventures

They are the epitome of a mountaineer's happiness: endless hut to hut tours at the rear end of Ötztal valley and in close vicinity to the South Tyrolean border located somewhere between rock, ice and summit crosses. The multi-day hikes around Vent, the popular Vent Loop Tour and a detour into Schnalstal side valley lead right to the heart of this fascinating high Alpine landscape.

Useful tips before you start

Before starting a tour you should always inform someone about the destination and the time you expect to come back to the valley! Glacier crossings must be made in a group and require a rope. Accurate tour planning and complete Alpine equipment are the essential things of a safe and successful hut hike. Less experienced hikers should enlist a local mountain guide.

Important information: overnight stays are only possible on advance booking. Contact details for your reservation can be found here.

Hut tour around Vent

Fascinating 5 days for experienced mountaineers with true challenges beyond 3000 meters above sea level.

Day 1: Vent - Martin Busch Hütte (2500 m) - Similaunhütte (3019 m) - back to the Martin Busch Hütte, overnight stay (walking time: approx. 4 ½ h to Similaunhütte and approx. 1 ½ h back to Martin Busch Hütte)


  • Martin Busch Hütte: optional ascent to Kreuzspitze 3457 m, 2 ½ h
  • Similaunhütte: optional visit of Ötzi's finding place, 1 ½ h (a marked mountain trail secured by a rope leads to the site)
  • From Vent towards Ramoljoch - below Spiegelkogel: turnoff to Diemweg and Martin Busch Hütte, approx. 6 h

Day 2: Martin Busch Hütte - via Saykogel (3360 m) to Hochjoch Hospiz (2413 m) - overnight stay (walking time: approx. 6 h) Saykogel is only recommended for sure-footed and experienced mountaineers!

Day 3: Hochjoch Hospiz to Mittlere Guslarspitze (3151 m - walking time: approx. 3 h) - descent to Vernagthütte (2755 m - walking time: approx. 1 ½ h) or directly on the high altitude trail from the Hochjoch-Hospiz to Vernagthütte, 2 h - overnight stay

Day 4: Vernagthütte - continue to Breslauer Hütte (2848 m - walking time: approx. 2 ½ h) - continue to Wilder Mann (3019 m - walking time: approx. 1 ½ h) - back to the hut, overnight stay

Wilder Mann is secured with a rope and recommended only for sure-footed mountain hikers.

Day 5: Breslauer Hütte - Wildspitze (3774 m)
Only with mountain guide - rope and crampons are absolutely needed.
Descent to Vent - overnight.

Vent loop tour

Very demanding hut hike to the heart of the Ötztal Alps with ascents to three thousand meter high summits. A true classic in summer!

Day 1: Vent - double chair lift to Stablein top station (2360 m) - continue to Breslauer Hütte (2848 m) - ascent to Urkundholm (3113 m) - back to Breslauer Hütte - overnight stay. Total walking time: approx. 4 hours

Day 2: Breslauer Hütte - continue to Vernagthütte (2755 m) - Hochjoch Hospiz (2413 m) - overnight stay, walking time: approx. 4 ½ hours

(Extension of the tour: Vernagthütte - via Mittlere Guslarspitze 3126 m, 1 ½ h - to Hochjoch-Hospiz 2 h)

Day 3: Hochjoch Hospiz via Saykogel (3360 m) to Martin Busch Hütte - overnight stay. Total walking time: approx. 6 hours

Saykogel is only recommended for sure-footed and experienced mountaineers! The route is not secured by ropes!

Day 4: Martin Busch Hütte - Similaunhütte - Ötzi#s finding place - back to Martin Busch Hütte - overnight stay - a mountain trail secured with rope leads to the site (Total walking time: approx. 5 hours)

Day 5: Martin Busch Hütte - Kreuzspitze (3457 m) - back to the hut - descent to Vent - overnight stay, walking time: approx. 7 ½ hours (or optionally you continue on Diemweg to Ramolhaus, approx. 6 -7 hours)

From Vent into Schnalstal and back again

Historic route across the main Alpine ridge , offering breathtaking insights into the culture, flora and fauna of the border region.

Day 1: Vent - double chairlift Wildspitze (10 min ride) - from the top station to Breslauer Hütte (1 ½ h) or via Wilder Mann (2 ½ h) to Breslauer Hütte (1 ½ h). From Breslauer Hütte to Vernagthütte (2 ½ h).

Day 2: Vernagthütte - Hochjoch-Hospiz (1 ½ h) and further on to Schöne Aussicht (2 ½ h)

Day 3: Schöne Aussicht - descent to Kurzras in Schnalstal (1 ½ h) - from there by bus to Vernagt am See and from Vernagt am See to Similaunhütte (1300 altitude meters/walking time: 4 - 5 h). For Schnalstal bus connections visit www.sii.bz.it - from Kurzras to Vernagt am See

Day 4: From Similaunhütte to Martin Busch Hütte (1 ½ h) - descent to Vent (2 h) or ascent to the Kreuzspitze summit (2 ½ h) and then descent to Vent or ascent to Ramolhaus (3 ½ h) and descent to Vent or Obergurgl.