B-ART-EB'NE Art Trail

Rofental High Alpine Open-Air Gallery

Scenic BARTEB’NE nestles between Vent and Rofenhöfe Farms. Grazing Haflinger horses amidst shaggy grasslands which gave the name to this trail. By the way, the Ötztal Dialect was declared a UNESCO Intangible World Cultural Heritage in 2010.

BARTEB‘NE is a German play on words, as a part of the ARTeVENT Nature - Culture – Literature series. The well-maintained walking trail from Vent to Rofenhöfe Farms changes into an "Art Trail" from June to September. An open-air gallery of a very special kind.

Probably the Alps' most natural atelier attracts hikers and culture fans alike. Why not enjoying art objects amid this breathtaking high Alpine valley? Art embedded in the stunning mountain scenery. Art created with natural raw material. Stone and rock are omnipresent and make for an ideal sculpture background. The magic trail reveals its stony art works step by step amid untouched regions. Leading past Ötzi's hunting base, the legendary summit cross of Wildspitze peak and the futurist suspension bridge to Rofenhöfe Farms, Austria's highest permanently settlement farmhouses at 2014 meters above sea level.

An open-air atelier unrivaled to any other of this kind. An alpine spot dedicated to art. unobstrusive - empathic. With fabulous sculptures not menat to outdo the beautiful natural backdrop, in perfect harmony with the mountain scenery.


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B-ART-EB'NE Art Trail
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