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Barteb'ne art trail

High Alpine open-air gallery in Rofental

On the hiking trail leading from Vent to Rofenhöfe Farms, walkers can admire several sculptures carved out of stone by artists taking part in the international sculpture symposium of ARTeVENT. The monuments fit harmoniously into the natural high Alpine landscape, giving food for thought and inspiring the imagination.

Dialogue made of stone, air and light

On the Alpine plain between the mountaineering village and the historic Rofenhöfe Farms Haflinger horses are grazing in scrubby grass which is called "beard" in Ötztal dialect. The name of B-ART-EB'NE Art Trail came from a wordplay on the local cultural ARTeVENT workshop.

The well-maintained walking route leads past Ötzi's hunting base and the historic summit cross of Wildspitze peak and across a modern suspension bridge to Austria's highest, permanently settled farmhouses. You should plan enough time for this easy hike as along the trail several artworks - made of natural materials - can be viewed from all sides, reflected or just admired. They are symbolic landmarks with a mythical, mysterious or even philosophic background that enter into dialogue with the hikers and are open to personal interpretation. This is how the B-ART-EB'NE Art Trail truly appeals to anyone who is interested in the inspiring interplay of man-made sculptures and the sculptural impact of the mountains.

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