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Vent mountain guide office

Hiking Program
Mountain Guides

Tour program with mountain professionals

The certified mountain guides of the Vent Mountain Guide Office will show you the most attractive climbs at the right time. From the perspective of experienced locals and experts. The demanding tour program includes glacier tours, peak ascents, multi-day hut hikes as well as ice and glacier courses.

Safety comes first

The mountain guide office in Vent combines Alpine sports knowhow, local knowledge and pure passion for mountaineering. For the guides it's more a vocation than a job to lead their guests safely over rocks, ice and snow or to provide them with all the necessary knowledge for future mountain tours during professional training courses.

From late June to the end of September, the weekly program organized by the Vent mountain guide office comprises beautiful one-day and two-day tours as well as multi-day high Alpine tours. Including such unique classics like Wildspitze, Similaun, Fineilspitze, Weißkugel, Hochvernagtspitze, Fluchtkogel and glacier photo tours. And because every achievement deserves respect, all tour guests receive a certificate issued by the Vent mountain guide office for climbing a 3000-meter high summit.

Program Vent Mountain Guide Office