Vent 1.900m/2.646m

Mon, 18.01.2021

Morning Afternoon
-11°C -7°C
50%Precipitation risk 10%Precipitation risk

Residual disturbance More settled conditions

Vent 1.900m/2.646m

Tue, 19.01.2021

Morning Afternoon
-13°C -3°C
10%Precipitation risk 20%Precipitation risk

A warm front will brush against our area – decreasing frost

Vent 1.900m/2.646m

Wed, 20.01.2021

Morning Afternoon
-8°C -4°C
0%Precipitation risk 0%Precipitation risk

Sunny and cloudy conditions Approaching southerly foehn wind

Vent 1.900m/2.646m

Thu, 21.01.2021

Morning Afternoon
-8°C -3°C
30%Precipitation risk 50%Precipitation risk

Foehn storm – southerly barrier effects at the main Alpine divide

Vent 1.900m/2.646m

Fri, 22.01.2021

Morning Afternoon
-5°C -2°C
80%Precipitation risk 60%Precipitation risk

Passage of a cold front Snow line at 1000m above sea level

4 days trend

The deep wintry weather cycle of Sunday will continue at the beginning of next week. Monday morning will be heavily cloudy with occasional decreasing snow showers. Throughout the afternoon the weather will settle down. Towards Tuesday, the current will veer from northwest to the west and direct a warm front past the north side of the Alps. With partly heavily cloudy conditions it will remain mostly dry. Instead, the frost will decrease. With the turn of the wind to southwest on Wednesday the temporary temperature increase will continue. A southerly foehn wind will revive in the mountains and reach storm force on Thursday. On Wednesday, sunny conditions and cloudy conditions will alternate. On Thursday, weak southerly barrier effects will build up at the main Alpine divide. The attendant cold front will hit us on Friday and finish the southerly current over the Alps. It will become colder again, the snow line will gradually sink below 1000m above sea level.

Day Outlook

Foehn storm – southerly barrier effects at the main Alpine divide


  Morning Afternoon
Mountain summit3.000 m -9°C -8°C
Mountain2.500 m -4°C -3°C
Vent1.900 m -8°C -3°C


Morning: Strong

Afternoon: Brisk

Hours of Sun

max. 0 Hours

Precipitation risk

Morning: 30%

Afternoon: 50%

Zero Degree Limit

1500 m

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