Vent unplugged

What is Vent unplugged?

Escape from everyday life brimming with excessive information, hectic pace and constant impressions, wind down and get involved with what your own body and the Alpine environment have to offer. This eternal yearning makes the crowning glory of the ARTeVent program in the first week of September by presenting "Vent unplugged". Places of strength and special offers for outdoor exercise, enjoyment and regional cuisine, music and stargazing in the open air - all of this enjoyed on a compact weekend amidst peace and unspoilt nature beyond 1800 meters above sea level.

Support Program

Thursday, 03 September 2020:

Meet here: Vent fire station (8.30 pm)

“Helle Not” - Stefanie Suchy

... Artificial light, night and starry sky... Then as now, artificial light attracts attention and suggests both prosperity and progress. We can work and enjoy leisure activities around the clock. But where there is light, there is also shadow, as we know. Constantly increasing artificial light by night not only changes the day and night rhythm of people, but also has an impact on the living conditions of many animals and plants. While the natural night landscape amazes with the interplay of dark landscape and overwhelming starry sky, artificial beams of light from cities make the natural landscape fade. Stefanie Suchy lectures on the dark side of light and also provides a list of how to use artificial light in a responsible way.


Friday, 04 September 2020:

10.00 am: Kort.X Training - The moving brain training - The Good Camp, meet at Information Vent

2.00 pm: Qigong at a place of strength around Vent, meet at Information Vent

3.00 pm: Prepare-it-yourself slow food - this is how it works also at home, meet at Information Vent

Evening: Ambassador of gourmet pleasure in Vent - Cooking & tasting of a regional aperitif at Hotel Macun in Vent. Followed by varied regional menus served at the inns in Vent.

Natur & Alpinhotel Post: Venison specialties
Hotel Alt Vent - Tyrol: Sheep & lamb specialties
Hotel Macun - bar & restaurant 17: Fish specialties


Saturday, 05 September 2020:

7.00 am: Good morning yoga

10.00 am: Mobility Training - Energy Flow - The Good Camp, meet at Information Vent

2.00 pm: Relaxation in and with the mountains - The Good Camp, meet at Information Vent

Evening: Candle light dinner at the inns in Vent

8.30 pm: "Stargazing " - Norbert Span (meet at the Vent fire station)
The stars photos by Dr. Norbert Span are a true highlight! We will start this evening with a fine selection of his best pictures. But we want to spend the majority of the evening outdoors by focusing on the objects of desire! Observations with the naked eye, guided by our specialist, lead us to the most important constellations and planets visible that evening - such as Jupiter and Saturn. Then we “zoom” into details of the moon with the help of a telescope, enlarge the previously discovered planets and discover entire galaxies, gas nebulae or even supernovas! An evening of superlatives - a highlight not to be missed. Special recommendation: Ambitious night sky photographers can take some tips home for sure ...


Sunday, 06 September 2020:

Guided sunrise hike (meet at 3.15 am at Information Vent) to Wilder Mann. A little below, we restore our energy with regional delicacies and warm drinks. Then we hike to Rofen for breakfast. Pre-lunch concert, live and unplugged featuring "TyRoll" & "TOI".




Participation in all activities is free of charge. The costs for food and drink in the restaurants (regional menu, candle light dinner, mountain breakfast) are not included.



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