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Vent unplugged

various exhibitions , guided tours , art

Information Vent


Friday, 03 September 2021
11.00 am: Exercise session presented by The Good Camp
1.00 pm: Relaxation session presented by The Good Camp
3.00 pm: Do-it-yourself regional cuisine (slow food)
8.30 pm: Lecture in German: “Helle Not” by Stefanie Suchy ...

Artificial light, night and starry sky ...
Then as now, artificial light attracts attention and suggests both prosperity and progress. We can work and enjoy leisure activities around the clock. But where there is light, there is also shadow, as we know. Constantly increasing artificial light by night not only changes the day and night rhythm of people, but also has an impact on the living conditions of many animals and plants. While the natural night landscape amazes with the interplay of dark landscape and overwhelming starry sky, artificial beams of light from cities make the natural landscape fade. Stefanie Suchy lectures on the dark side of light and also provides a list of how to use artificial light in a responsible way.

More informations: https://www.vent.at/de/sommer/veranstaltungen/vent-unplugged.html

Participation in all activities is free of charge.