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Quaint mountain huts, superb pasturelands, bars and retail shops: Vent boasts an infinite variety of local companies and infrastructures.

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Bergbahnen Vent

mountain/cable railway

Vent ski resort: 1900 m to 2680 m

No pressure, no pushing on the 15 km of well groomed pistes. No waiting times at the three ski lifts and a chairlift.
From beginner to advanced, for young and old, the slight to moderate slopes offer skiing until late April.
Snow-making facilities of 1900 m to 2680 m - Mountain Station "Wilder Mann" to the base station lift "Wildspitze"

Hiking area - double chairlift Wildspitze 1900 m to 2364 m

Even the trip up the chair lift proved to be experience. The view is breathtaking! The impressions unforgettable!
Arriving at the mountain station is a magnificent panorama opens on the peaks and glaciers in the Ötztal Alps. The view of the Stubai Alps in the north, the Ramolkogel on Spiegelkogel that Diemkogel, Schalfkogel, Hintere Schwärze and the rear in the south to the nearest Thalleitspitze, just beyond the cross point. And the summit cross of the Wilde Mannle is already visible.
The mountain station Stablein is a starting point for many tours and walks.

detail T 0043 664 5300 898

Freiwillige Feuerwehr Vent

fire department

The volunteer fire department was established in Vent.
The volunteer firemen, day and night use are available.
Regular rehearsals and meetings will be held in order to guarantee a smooth in case of fire-fighting operation.

Michael Scheiber
Deputy commander:
Dietmar Scheiber
Konrad Klotz

Emergency: 122

Today open: 00:00 - 00:00

T (0043) 5254 8138

Gasthof Obervent

restaurant , Austrian cuisine , regional cuisine

Quaint lovely "Gasthof" in Vent. The landlord himself takes care of you!

detail T (0043) 0043 5254 8140

Venter Kaufhäusl

supermarket , stores/shops

In Kaufhäusl you will find food, sports equipment rentals and sales, clothing, souvenirs, etc. .....

Today open: 08:30 - 12:30, 13:30 - 18:00

detail T 0043 660 8103 127

Skiverleih Scheiber - Sport-Alm

shoe store , stores/shops , Skidepot , Verleih von Sportgeräten

detail T 0043 5254 8102 53

Hotel Kleon

restaurant , Austrian cuisine , home cooking , regional cuisine

The Hotel Kleon is a family-hotel in the center of Vent. We offer all inclusive accomodation, also rooms with halfpension, overnight with breakfast or appartements with kitchen ( self-sufficiency). The restaurant is only open for the guest of Hotel Kleon.

detail T 0043 5254 8101

**** Familienhotel Vent

restaurant , Austrian cuisine , vegetarian cuisine , regional cuisine , international cuisine

**** Hotel in the center of Vent - no restaurant.

detail T 0043 5254 8102

Schöne Aussicht (Hütte)

Hütten , restaurant , home cooking , Ski huts , regional cuisine , Italian cuisine

Schöne Aussicht 2.846m

Private Hut- no alpine association reduction!

Tenant: Herr Grüner Paul
Gasthaus Goldene Rose, I-39020 Karthaus
Tel.-Valley: 0039 (0) 473 679130
Fax.-Valley: 0039 (0) 473 679115
Tel.-Hut: 0039 (0) 473 662140

Today open: 07:00 - 07:00

detail T +39 (0) 473 679130

*** Gasthof Geierwallihof

restaurant , Austrian cuisine , regional cuisine , alpine dairy/snack bar

Beautiful *** Guesthouse on the Rofenhöfe 2044 m.

detail T 0043 5254 8145 0

Langlaufloipe Ebenle

The cross-country skiing route in sunny location can be found on the way to the Rofenhöfe farms (exit P9), after approx. 200 m on the left. This intermediate, gently sloping nordic track is located at 1,950 m above sea level, snow is always guaranteed, 1 km classic style, medium.

detail T 0043 57200 260

Pferdekutschfahrten Vent

Horse drawn carriage:
registration and information - Family Reinstadler, Haus Reinstadler phone: 0043 664 448 8511,
Price on request, only in wintertime!

detail T 0043 664 448 8511

Hängebrücke in Rofen

excursion destination for families/children

Suspension bridge in Rofen

The suspension bridge was built by the brothers Klotz in 1967 and 1984 renewed.

The bridge is 46 m long and crosses the 31 m deep "Rofnerschlucht".

Gasthof Rofenhof phone 0043 5254 8103
Gasthof Geierwallihof phone 0043 5254 81 450

detail T 0043 57200 260

Gasthof Rofenhof

restaurant , Austrian cuisine , regional cuisine , alpine dairy/snack bar , international cuisine

The Rofenhöfe are the highest, continuously inhabited houses in Austria, at the foot of Tyrol's highest mountain, the Wildspitze (3774 m). Popular starting point for hikes, mountain tours and mountaineering.

winter - prepared winter hiking trails, skiing area Vent, ski tours.

peak season: hot meals 11 am - 8 pm

off-peak season from 11 am - (check it online)

Tirolean specialties, homemade stone pine and hay schnaps

in summer: mountain cheese and bacon to take away

no rooms available - only restaurant
Summer: open from Whitsun to mid October
Winter: open from Christmas to 1 week after Easter

To Gasthof Rofenhof: 30 min on meadow trail (also for prams)

Winter: 1 weekly guided lantern hike across floodlit suspension bridge

detail T 0043 5254 8103

Parkplätze Vent

Public parking Vent - EURO 5 - per day / car

detail T 0043 57200 26 0


Hütten , Austrian cuisine , vegetarian cuisine , bio cuisine , regional cuisine , Italian cuisine

Similaunhütte was built over 100 years ago and is a popular base for peak climbs. The site where "Ötzi” the Iceman was found is only a 1-hour walk from the hut.

excellent cooking

bookings always include half board

top wines from South Tyrol
beds (40) and mattress dorm (30)
Summer: open from mid June to early October
Winter: open from mid March to early May

To the hut: from Vent through niedertal - via Martin Busch Hütte - across the glacier, altitude gain: 1,120 m, length: 14 km, time: 4 h

Winter: ski tour from Vent to the hut; highest base for the classic Ötztal ski mountaineering loop. altitude gain: 1,120 m, length: 14 km, time: 5 h

Crossings: Hauslabjoch - Schöne Aussicht, Saykogel - Hochjoch-Hospiz, crossing from north Tirol into South Tirol (also for mountainbikers)

Peaks: Similaun, altitude gain: 3,607 m, Finailspitze, crossing - Similaun - Marzellspitze – Hintere Schwärze

detail T 0039 0473 669711

**** Hotel Similaun

restaurant , Austrian cuisine , Glutenfreie Küche , non-smoking locale , regional cuisine , international cuisine , Italian cuisine

Family **** hotel in the heart of the village Vent.

detail T 0043 5254 8104

Trafik - Venter Kaufhäusl

tobacco/tobacco shop , stores/shops

Venter Kaufhäusl - Tobacco Shop, shop, grocery store, gift shop

In summer and winter open daily.

Today open: 08:30 - 12:30, 13:30 - 18:00

detail T 0043 660 8103 127

Hohle Stein

excursion destination for families/children


After the finding of the Iceman, Dr. Leitner of the University of Innsbruck made further investigations. He proved the existence of more Stone Age hunting bases in the Ötztal valley, e.g. at the Hohler Stein mountain in Niedertal/Vent which is at an altitude of 2,050m and only 10km (beeline) from the place where the Iceman was found. A wide range of archeological findings within this area prove the existence of early settlements in the Rofental Valley, dating back to 7600 B.C.

Excavations and reconstructions presented by University of Innsbruck, Institute of Prehistory and Early History 1995-2003.

detail T 0043 57200 26 0

Gasthof Gstrein

restaurant , Austrian cuisine , vegetarian cuisine , home cooking , regional cuisine

Traditinal Hotel in Vent.

detail T +43 (0) 5254 8116

Öffentliches Internet

Internetcafe , public Internet

Public Internet - free access.

detail T 0043 57200 260


Hütten , Austrian cuisine , regional cuisine

New rock climbing garden in front of the hut; new trail to Mittlere Guslarspitze and to Hintergrasseleckspitze.

regional and Tyrolean food
beds (60), mattress dorm (60)
Summer: open from end of June to mid September
Winter: open from beginning of March to beginning of May

To the hut: from Vent in a south-western direction past Rofenhöfen and to the goods lift. Continue along the trail across Platteibach and walk to Platteiegg (roadside Calvary), or through Vernagttal to the bridge and on to the hut. time: 3 h, altitude gain: 850 m, length: 8 km

Crossings: Breslauer Hütte, Hochjochhospiz, Branden burgerhaus

Winter: ski route from Vent

Peaks: Wildspitze (3,774 m), Fluchtkogel (3,500 m), Schwarzwandspitze (3,467 m), Hochver nagt spitze (3,550m) and many more

T (0043) 664 1412 119

Freilandlager Ötzi


The outdoor excavation site is located on a small natural terrace at 1,950m above sea level, where Niedertal valley and Rofental valley meet. In the past, these two valleys formed the natural border line of the huge hunting areas reaching up to the mighty peaks of the main Alpine ridge. Already around 2000 B.C. (early Bronze Age) the upper part of the valley was used as grazing area for sheep and goats. Excavations and reconstructions presented by University of Innsbruck, Institute of Prehistory and Early History 1995-2003.

detail T 0043 57200 26 0

**** Hotel Post

restaurant , Austrian cuisine , vegetarian cuisine , regional cuisine , international cuisine

**** Hotel with tradition - delight in our cosy traditional ‘stuben’, superb rooms, our ‘sauna village’ and a whole lot more…

detail T 0043 5254 8119

Panoramarestaurant Stablein

restaurant , Austrian cuisine , home cooking , Ski huts , regional cuisine , alpine dairy/snack bar

Scenic Stableinalm offers a marvelous sun terrace with uninterrupted views of the Rofental valley, the Ortler mountain massif and the rear Ötztal Alps. Stableinalm serves typical Tirolean specialties focusing on fresh regional products. Ideal base for peak tours to Wildes Mannle (3023 m) or Breslauer Hütte (2844 m).
Winter: Skiing, ski mountaineering, tobogganing.

Warm meals all day 9 am – 5 pm

Tirolean specialties

tasty mountain delights

fresh regional products
Summer: open from mid June to late September
Winter: open from mid December to 1 week after Easter

To Panoramarestaurant Stablein:

from Vent with Wildspitze double chair lift (10 min)

from Vent along the trail below the chair lift time: 1.3 h, length: 2.54 km, altitude gain: 450 m

from Vent via Panoramaweg time: 1.5 h, length: 5 km, altitude gain: 450 m
Crossings: Breslauer Hütte, Rofenhöfe farms

Peak climbs: Wilder Mann with great view of Wildspitze

detail T 0043 664 877 0385

Bergrettung Vent

Bergrettung , Rettung/Rettungsdienste

The Mountain Rescue Vent was organized in 1932 under the state line Tyrol. Also present were the guides of Vent. At the beginning of the mountain rescue had 20 members.
On 10.07.1953 took Hr. Alois Pirpamer jun. the management of local authority Vent, members at the beginning: Hr. Fimml and Hr. Gritsch.
Currently, the Mountain Rescue Vent 23 volunteer members.

Since August 2011 is the mountain rescue Vent a part of mountain rescue Sölden.

Emergency: 140

Assistance for fallen into climbing difficulties persons; search operations, rescue from mountain terrain; Alpinaus training of members

Today open: 06:00 - 05:59

detail T +43 (0) 664 613 5900

Kunstweg "B-ART-EB´NE"

exhibitions , handicraft/arts workshops

"B-ART-EB´NE" Art Trail

open every day

detail T 0043 57200 26 0

*** Gasthof Appt. Wildspitz´

restaurant , Austrian cuisine , Italian cuisine

Modern apartment house and restaurant - italian kitchen

detail T 0043 5254 30127

Urzeitliches Jägerlager

excursion destination for families/children

Hunters Station
Built on 1.950 m height field camp is located on a terrace at the confluence of the "Nieder- and Rofental.
As the archaeological excavations have shown is the earliest use of this station back to the period around 7600 BC and occupied as the first ascent of Rofental by man.

In the period around 2000 BC (Early Bronze Age) the shepherds of this area as a pasture for sheep and goat herds used.

detail T 0043 57200 260

Gasthof Weißkugel

restaurant , Austrian cuisine , vegetarian cuisine , regional cuisine , Cafe-Konditorei

Family "Gasthof" in Vent - rustic, peaceful, sunny ... pleasant atmosphere.

detail T 0043 5254 8194

Fundbüro Vent

tourist information/office , lost and found

detail T 0043 57200 26 0

Hotel Alt Vent Tyrol

restaurant , Austrian cuisine , vegetarian cuisine , Glutenfreie Küche , regional cuisine , international cuisine

Beautiful hotel in the center of Vent.

detail T 0043 5254 8130

Martin-Busch Hütte

Hütten , Austrian cuisine , regional cuisine

The Martin Busch Hütte is located at 2,501 m at the heart of a striking mountain backdrop and with views of the powerful 3,00 0 m peaks and panoramic views of the Ötztal glaciers.

Tyrolean specialities

Samoar strudel

pasta dishes
beds (20), dormitory (100)
Summer: open from mid June to late September
Winter: open from early March to early May

To the hut: via Spieglbach bridge left into niedertal valley, altitude gain: 600 m, length: 9 km, time: 3 h

Crossings: Similaunhütte, Hochjoch Hospiz, Hochwildehaus, Ramolhaus

Summit climbs: Kreuzspitze, Similaun, Hintere Schwärze, Saykogel, Finailspitze, Hauslabkogel

Winter: ideal ski tour resort, beware of avalanche risk!

Glacier walks: Marzellgletscher, niederjochferner

Skitour: from Vent, altitude gain: 600 m, length: 9 km, time: 3 h

T (0043) 5254 8130

Rodelweg Stablein

tobogganing , fitness center , sled/toboggan run

Stablein toboggan run

The 5km-long toboggan run is easily accessible by double chair lift or on foot.

Top station: 2,360 m
Base terminal: 1,900 m
Difference in altitude: 460 m
Length: 5,000 m
Accessible by: double chair lift
Difficulty: intermediate

Refreshment stops:
At the Restaurant Stablein

Organized toboggan nights:
Every Monday and Thursday from 9 pm
€ 14.00 per person


* Transport by skidoo
* Mulled wine
* Toboggan rental
* Welcome schnaps

Minimum age: 12 years

detail T 0043 57200 26 0

Jakobuskirche Vent


Church - VENT

1502: the church and the graveyard were consecrated. 1701: Matthäus Gerstgrasser became the first pastoral assistant. 1802: an avalanche destroyed the church, only the tower and the tabernacle remained. 1862: the baroque-style church was consecrated and Vent became a parish. The high altar probably comes from a former church in Karthaus in Schnalstal valley (statues, St. Bruno, St. Benedict).

Next to the high altar you find John the Baptist and John the Evangelist, an altar dedicated to the Virgin Mary with a statue of the Virgin made by the Tirolean Andreas Kölle. 1995/1996: renovation of the church's interior and of the facade. In 1999 the church received a new main altar and a lectern. Josef Singer, the priest of Sölden, is also responsible for the parish of Vent.

Today open: 07:00 - 20:00

T +43 (0) 5254 2310

Übungsloipe Vent

Lovely route in slightly ascending and descending terrain at the entrance to the village, below the church. Ideal for beginners, 1 km classic style, easy.

detail T 0043 57200 26 0


après ski , bar/pub/lounge

Après ski bar à la Vent. Just a friendly atmosphere and not at all noisy. For convivial celebrations or just for a chat.

detail T 0043 5254 8119


Hütten , Austrian cuisine , home cooking , regional cuisine

The Ramol Hut is above of Obergurgl, at 3.005 m and was build in 1181 (Mountin Guide Marinus Scheiber).
Imposante panoramic view from the sunny terrace.

Lukas Scheiber
Phone +43 (0)5256 6223

T +43 (0) 664 8597 694

Bergführerstelle Vent

shoe store , stores/shops , Verleih von Sportgeräten , Mountain guide

Vent, 1900 m - the "Bergsteigerdorf" - is located directly in the center of the Ötztal Alps, which are among the most beautiful mountains in the Alps.

We would like to show the beauty of the mountains and run safely on hikes and tours of rock, ice and snow, or help them develop the skills of our courses for your future tours.

With knowledge and skills, nearly all risks and prevent accidents with serious consequences. We have tried to create for you a program in which everyone can find something suitable hikers and climbers for themselves.

The team of Mountain Guides will be glad to see you at one of these tours (Weeks) or courses to be allowed.

Bergführerstelle Vent
Kilian Scheiber
Marzellweg 7
A-6458 Vent
phone: 0043 5254 8106
fax. 0043 5254 30121

detail T 0043 5254 8106

Schneespielplatz Vent

amusement park , sled/toboggan run


Fantastic playground for all the little ones
If you want to be active in the snow Vent is the right place for you. The new snow playground is a real paradise for all kids. There are relaxing areas for the accompanying parents and grandparents. In the meantime the kids can enjoy the snow castles or have a snowball fight.

Opening times: every day middle of december to beginning/middle of april

detail T 0043 57200 260

Ötzi - Fundstelle

nature/national park

Ötzi - the Iceman

On 19 September 1991 a mummified corpse was found by chance in the ice of the Similaun glacier, on the way down from Fineilspitze peak (3,514m) to Tisenjoch saddleback (3,280m). The dead man carried a bow made from yew, a coated quiver filled with 14 arrows, instruments made of bone, arrowheads made from antlers of red deer and wrapped in bast, a flint knife with a flint blade, copper arrows and a back carrier. Yet we know that Ötzi was not the first to dare to cross the Alps. Archaeological discoveries near Vent prove that this region was the hunting ground for foragers in the Mesolithic period as early as 8,000 BC. Today the Iceman is exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Bolzano.

From Vent (1.900 m) Niedertal to Similaunhütte (3.019 m - 4 ½ hours walking). The last half hour leads the Niederjoch glacier.

From Similaunhütte runs along the ridge, a trail to the site (3.200 m-1 hour walk).

Ankle-high hiking boots with grip soles, rain and sun protection, warm clothes.

detail T 0043 57200 260

Hochjoch Hospiz

Hütten , Austrian cuisine , non-smoking locale , regional cuisine

Hochjoch-Hospiz occupies a beautiful location on a hill, surrounded by the majestic three thousand meter high peaks of the Ötztal Alps. The hut is a popular base for all kinds of mountain tours.
Winter: base for classic Ötztal ski mountaineering loop from Rofen (always inquire about route conditions), altitude gain: 513 m, time: 3 h.

hot food served all day

Serviced terrace
beds and mattress dorm
Summer: open from mid June to late September
Winter: open from early March to early May

To the hut: From Vent - Rofental - through the romantic gorge, comfortable walk, altitude gain: 513 m, time: 2 h

Crossings: Martin-Busch-Hütte, Schöne Aussicht, Vernagt-Hütte, Simi launhütte,

Peak climbs: Weißkugel, Guslarspitzen, Fluchtkogel, Hintereisspitze, Langtauferer Spitze, Saykogel

detail T (0043) 664 7980 757

Langlaufen rund um Vent

cross country skiing

Crosscountry skiing Vent

Practice trail Vent
The 500 m long classic route in slightly undulating land located at the entrance below the church and is ideal for beginners.

Trail Ebenle
The Intermediate Course is Ebenle to 1,950 m in snow-secure and sunny location in hilly terrain. She is about 2 km long and requires some basic knowledge of the long-running technique and cornering and braking techniques. It is on the way to the Rofenhöfe (exit P9), after 200 m on your left.

detail T 0043 57200 26 0

*** Hotel Bergwelt

restaurant , Austrian cuisine , Glutenfreie Küche , regional cuisine , international cuisine , Italian cuisine

Beautiful *** hotel in the center of Vent, near by the chairlift, sunny terrace, pizzeria, home made of pastry, traditional regional cooking, grill specialities. We use our own farm- and hunt-product.

detail T 0043 676 9634596

Kinderspielplatz in Vent


Families and kids – watch out for this new ATTRACTION!!

Behind "Familienhotel Vent" you find a brand-new kids' adventure world.

Several swings and slides await you there – as well as some other undisputed highlights: a climbing tower and a small water play park offer everything a child's heart could possibly desire. A perfect place to splash around, to make new friends and to play with them.

So don't wait any longer: ultimate fun is guaranteed!

detail T 0043 57200 26 0

Altes Kreuz - Wildspitze 3.774 m

excursion , various sights , excursion tips , monument/memorial

The historic Cross of the Wildspitze 3774 m from the year 1933 - near by the Sculpture Symposium and the suspension bridge in Rofen.

Today open: 00:00 - 00:00

detail T 0043 57200 26 0

Unsere Alm

restaurant , night club/nightspot , Nightclub , après ski , regional cuisine , bar/pub/lounge , international cuisine , Italian cuisine

Nice restaurant in the rustic Tyrolean style near by the **** Hotel Similaun, in the heart of Vent.

detail T 0043 5254 8104

Breslauer Hütte

Hütten , Austrian cuisine , vegetarian cuisine , regional cuisine , international cuisine

From Breslauer Hütte you enjoy fantastic views of Ötztal's glacier world. Jovial hut evenings with traditional Alpine music. Group discounts. Mountain equipment rental, goods lift for rucksack transport available. Climbing wall next to the hut, practicing climbing garden at 15 minutes. Main base for climbing Wildspitze (3774 m), altitude gain: 930 m, length: 4 km, time: 3.5 h,

traditional home cooking, pasta dishes, meat dishes, pastries, salads

beds (52), mattress dorm (95),

winter house for 22 people
Summer: open from mid June to end of September
Winter: closed, winter house open

To Breslauer Hüttte: Vent via Wildspitze double chairlift to Stablein Alm (10 min) to Breslauer Hütte, time: 1.5 h, length: 3 km, altitude gain: 484 m

Crossings: Sonnberg high-altitude trail to Vent, time: 3-4 h, Vernagthütte, time: 2.5 h, Hochjoch Hospiz, time: 4.5 h, Braunschweigerhütte, time: 6-7 h, Taschachhaus, time: 5-6 h

Peak climbs: Wildspitze, Wildes Mannle, Urkundholm, Vorderer Brochkogel, Hinterer Brochkogel, Ötztaler Urkund, Taufkarkogel.

We are happy to help you enlist a professional hiking guide!

T (0043) 664 53 00 898

Brandenburger Haus

Hütten , Austrian cuisine , home cooking , non-smoking locale , regional cuisine

The Brandenburg house is the highest hut in the Ötztal Alps and is situated on 3272 m. It is also called the glacier palace. The lodge is accessible only by the glacier. High Alpine Mountain Tour - Mountain equipment required. For a suitable acclimatization training excellent. Reservation: 0043 664 7980 757 0043 720 920 304 email:

detail T (0043) 664 7980 757

Skigebiet Vent



Vent is located at 1,900m above sea level in the foothills of the mighty Wildspitze (3,774m) peak, in a truly unique setting. No through-traffic, embedded in the stunning Alpine scenery of glaciers and 3000m-high mountain peaks.

There are absolutely no lift lines in Vent's ski area which is ideal for children and families. Doorstep skiing included! A new toboggan run (5 km) has been installed as well.

detail T 0043 664 5300 898

Skiverleih Venter Kaufhäusl

supermarket , souvenir shop , stores/shops , Verleih von Sportgeräten

Today open: 08:30 - 12:30, 13:30 - 18:00

detail T 0043 660 8103 127

Hotel Macun

restaurant , Austrian cuisine , non-smoking locale , regional cuisine , international cuisine , Cafe-Konditorei

Take a timeout – get away from it all – recharge your batteries
You can do all of that in the Hotel Macun in the heart of the beautiful Ötztal valley – these are certainly reasons for our popularity with our guests from all over the world.

detail T (0043) 5254 8196

Kapelle in Rofen

excursion , chapel

Chapel in Rofen

The chapel in Rofen is in St. Theresa of the Child Jesus ordained, built 1773, renovated 2007th. They celebrate at 03.10. their Parish.

Today open: 07:00 - 20:00

detail T 0043 57200 260

Ski- u. Snowboardschule Vent



The certified instructors of the Vent Ski School will show you all the little secrets of winter sports. Made to measure programs for families, winter sportsmen and ski mountaineers are on the program.


Sports instruction in small groups:

* Alpine skiing
* Cross-country skiing (minimum of 3 persons)
* Carving
* Snowboarding
* Deep snow and corn snow skiing (minimum of 3 persons)
* Full-day ski tours
* High Alpine ski tours
* Private instruction for individualists

detail T 0043 5254 30119

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