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From Summit to Summit

Skitouren Vent Brandenburgerhaus

High up in the mountains mountaineers find their paradise. All day long you can experience nature on your skis or in your snow-shoes. When the winter is over and spring time comes, when powder snow turns into corn snow and the glaring sun is reflected in the glaciers it is the best time for ski mountaineering. Accompanied by experienced ski guides you can get to numerous shelters. The downhill ride brings you straight back to your accommodation in Vent.


Dream World - Magic World

Skitouren Vent Tourentipps

Dive into the fantastic Ötztal mountain world. Experience pure nature: unspoilt slopes, bizarre rock and ice summits, wild glaciers, seclusion. Experience the most beautiful summit tours and the most pleasant corn snow and deep snow downhill rides. Vent perfectly combines trends with traditions. Perfect for ski mountaineers and ski-mountaineers to be.


Vent Ski Mountaineering Loop Trail

Skitouren Vent Venter Skirunde

The classic Vent ski mountaineering tour includes the Wildspitze, Weißkugel, Similaun, Fineilspitze and Fluchtkogel summits. It is one of the classic ski mountaineering tours and can be compared to the "hautes routes" of the western Alps.

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Equipment - List of Ski Mountaineering Material

Skitouren Vent Materialliste

Experience the majestic Ötztal mountains close-by, using the appropriate ski mountaineering equipment. Here you find a complete checklist how to pack your rucksack.

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Tour Altitude Duration
Vent-Ramolalm-Vent 2.218 m 1 ½ h
Vent-Stableinalm 2.356 m 1 ½ h
Vent-Kapelle im Niedertal 2.120 m 1 ½ h
Vent-Breslauer Hütte (mit dem Lift) 2.848 m 1 h
Vent-Vernagthütte 2.755 m 4 h
Vent-Martin Busch Hütte 2.501 m 3 h
Vent-Similaunhütte 3.019 m 5 h
Ramoljoch 3.186 m 4 h
Spiegelkogel 3.426 m 5 h
Taufkarkogel (mit dem Lift) nur über
den Rofenkarferner Plateikogel
3.367 m 3 h
Plateikogel (mit dem Lift) 3.427 m 4 h
Wildspitze (mit dem Lift) 3.774 m 5 h
Guslarspitze 3.126 m 5 h
Fluchtkogel 3.500 m 7 h
Hochvernagtspitze 3.539 m 7 h
Hauslabkogel 3.403 m 6 ½ h
Finailspitze 3.516 m 7 h
Similaun 3.606 m 7 ½ h
Hintere Schwärze 3.628 m 7 ½ h

All huts of the Alpine Association offer rooms in the winter time (no accommodation on Similaunhütte hut and Schöne Aussicht hut - they are private).

For high-alpine ski tours we recommend a mountain guide for less experiences ski mountaineers! Glaciers can only be crossed with a rope and in a group. Before you start your tour you should tell somebody in the valley of your destination and your expected return time. Before starting a tour you should always keep informed about the present avalanche and snow situation!