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Skitour preparation & safety

Well prepared for the next ski tour

The following equipment should not be missing on a ski tour. Also note the ski touring rules for your outdoor activities.

Ski mountaineering rules for your safety

  1. If you enjoy activities amid nature always respect the local guidelines when you set out on a ski tour (for example: wildlife preserves, hunting enclosures, reforestation areas, information boards, etc.).
  2. Don't enter protected wildlife zones or feeding areas, and avoid noise.
  3. Cross forest areas in winter only on signposted trails or routes as wild animals can panic if they hear voices or noise.
  4. Learn more about the habitat of wild animals in the mountains, avoid getting too close to them. Watch them only from a safe distance. Please put your dog on a lead, it is absolutely irresponsible to take dogs into the forest without leashing them because wild animals suffer from food deficiency in winter.
  5. Excellent planning and time management: start your tour early enough and return before darkness. In spring you should be back on the hut or in the valley at 12 noon (avalanche hazard!) at the latest.
  6. Never cross forestation zones and areas with young plants and trees.
  7. Ötztal Tourismus doesn't take any responsibility for the suggested tours. It is strongly recommended to enlist a certified local mountain guide. Glacier crossings are allowed only in a group by using a rope.
  8. Before you set out on a tour you should inform someone down in the valley about the tour's destination and when you plan to be back. An avalanche transceiver is an absolute must for Alpine ski mountaineering tours.
Ski Mountaineering Tours Vent Similaun

Ski mountaineering equipment list

Product Number
Ortovox sports underwear Merino 280 zipp 1
pair of socks 1
Ortovox Merino 280 long sleev zipp 1
Ortovox Merino 320 jacket 1
Peak sSoft-shell 1
Peak anorak 1
pair of Adidas sunglasses 1
Ortovox rucksack Haute Route 35+ 1
pair of ski mountaineering skis 1
pair of ski mountaineering shoes 1
pair of climbing skins 1
Ortovox avalanche transceiver S1 Scanner 1
Ortovox shovel professional alu 1
Ortovox probe 240 cm light 1
Ortovox Gemini Biwacksack 1
Ortovox Gemini bivouac sack 1
First-aid bandage set 1
Enough to drink  
Telescopic poles  

Don't forget hygiene articles and a hut sleeping bag when staying overnight in a cabin!