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Family Hikes in Vent

Superb Hiking Paradise...

Active families are recommended to collect stamps while enjoying hut to hut tours together with the youngest walking fans. If they have enough stamps they receive the lovely hiking badge or pin at the end of their stay. Three stamps for the bronze badge, eight stamps for the silver badge and 15 stamps for the golden badge – A truly unforgettable souvenir of adventurous days in Vent!

Stamp sites for the Hiking Badge

  • Gasthof Rofenhof
  • Gasthof Geierwallihof
  • Stableinalm
  • Mutsbühl
  • Hörnle
  • Feldkögele
  • Weißkar (Weg Tiefenbachgletscher)
  • Wilder Mann
  • Guslarspitze
  • Urkundholm
  • Breslauer Hütte
  • Vernagthütte
  • Similaunhütte
  • Martin Busch Hütte
  • Hochjoch Hospiz
  • Schöne Aussicht
  • Brandenburger Haus
  • Ramolhaus

Ho to go on a Treasure Hunt?

Following the marked route you will discover small caches (treasure boxes). Each cache contains a sheet with secret letters. Write these letters into the right box of your treasure hunting map. Everyone who has found all secret letters is able to compose the code word. Knowing the code word, you get a small present at the Information Vent! Geocachers can also log their finds on geocaching.com.

The route is about 5 km long, altitude gain 300 m, walking time 2.5 - 3 hours.


Vent Treasure Hunt (GPS-Data)

  • Cache 1: N46 51.768 E10 54.869 GPS-Data
    Secret tip: Above the wall made of stone.
  • Cache 2: N46 51.869 E10 54.929 GPS-Data
    Secret tip: The rock that slowly merges with the fence.
  • Cache 3: N46 52.002 E10 54.958 GPS-Data
    Secret tip: Find the small one under the big one.
  • Cache 4: N46 52.232 E10 55.335 GPS-Data
    Secret tip: Just before the fork-off on the left.
  • Cache 5: N46 52.331 E10 55.517 GPS-Data
    Secret tip: Find the bench with an "iron box".
  • Cache 6: N46 52.080 E10 55.153 GPS-Data
    Secret tip: Passing the gate you are already too far. Follow the trail to the rock wall.
  • Cache 7: N46 52.080 E10 55.361 GPS-Data
    Secret tip: Find the island with the lonely tree.
  • Cache 8: N46 51.974 E10 55.274 GPS-Data
    Secret tip: A pile of stones hides the small one.

9for5 & 5for1

Real treasure hunters are invited to search for the coveted "9for5 & 5for1" caches within the whole Ötztal Valley. Caches are hidden in the region’s most scenic spots, and provide you with more detailed information on how to gather the special "Ötz-Taler" geo-coin while giving an insight into the great variety of Alpine landscapes in the Ötztal.

How can you obtain the special Ötztal geo-coin?
Nine cache boxes are hidden within the entire Ötztal. If you find five out of nine caches you receive the ultimate and well-deserved Ötztal geo-coin.

Where do you find the single "9for5&5for1" cache boxes?
Detailed coordinates for all 9 cache boxes are available here or on the Geocache Community homepage www.geocaching.com – for downloading to your GPS unit. For a quick overview of all cache locations you can download a map.

Where do you get the highly coveted Ötztal geo-coin?
Every "9for5 & 5for1" cache box contains a different clipper with a special pattern.

If you have collected at least 5 different clippers from five cache boxes you can pick up your Ötz-Taler geo-coin at the Längenfeld Information Office where you also get the stamp card for the entire route.

Suspension Bridge (Rofen / Vent)

Coordinates: N 46° 51.318 / E 010° 53.524



The awe-inspiring rope suspension bridge gives a deep insight into the scenic Rofnerschlucht gorge formed by the Alpine glaciers!

On the way from Vent to the Rofenhöfe farmhouses you reach this unique suspension bridge across the mighty Rofnerschlucht gorge. A challenging experience as the bridge is some 46 meters long. The bridge, towering 30 meters above the ground, offers wonderful views of the Venter Ache mountain brook and its breathtaking surroundings. Don't miss out on this wonderful feeling of weightlessness and the picture-book view. You will soon recognize that the Ötztal valley has a myriad of gorgeous nature treasures worth visiting.

Today, the crossing of the scenic bridge is a quite comfortable way to reach the other part of the valley. Until 1967, hikers had to climb down the rock face, cross a narrow footpath over the mountain brook and climb up the opposite rock wall. Fortunately the highly talented Klotz brothers built a sensational suspension bridge over the gorge. In 1984 the original bridge was completely renovated by Tirol's regional government – a real highlight for walkers of all ages.

Trail details
The lovely trail leads from Vent past the ancient hunting base towards the hamlet of Rofen in about 1.5 hours.

Please take care of nature on your walking and treasure hunting tour. Walk in single file on the edge of the meadow if the grass is high, and please don't leave the already existing/marked trails.

Vent Suspension Bridge Rofenhöfe Hiking

Great Hiking Alternative

Vent Water Playground Ötztal Children

Vent Water Playground

Dear families and dearest kids - LISTEN!

Behind Familienhotel Vent a small new world for kids is waiting for you in summer. Enjoy swings and slides but also a fun-filled climbing tower and a fabulous water playground - which makes the whole place a great highlight for young guests. Splashing around, playing with water and in the mud are an absolute must.

Don't wait any longer!