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Hiking Route

The hiking route travels in several stages through Niederes Tal near Vent to the glacier area, past prehistoric sites offering uninterrupted panoramic views of Ötztal's mountain world along the entire trail.

The Route

Start of the hike: 8.45 am, wooden hut behind "Hotel Vent"
Theater & walking time: 8.45 am to 3.00 pm (including all scenes and introduction) plus 2.5 hours of return walk
Route condition: Well maintained, broad hiking trail with several detours into Alpine terrain. The conditionally demanding hike takes place on your own responsibility.
Hiking route: approx. 20 km from Vent through Niederes Tal to Martin Busch Hütte (and back with individual descent)
Altitude gain: 800 meters
Equipment: Sturdy hiking boots with non-slip sole, drinking bottle and snack, appropriate Alpine clothing and raingear depending on weather conditions, sun protection. Surefootedness, sufficient physical condition and your own headphones are required.
Weather: The hike takes place in all weather. If the weather conditions don't allow safe walking we try to rebook the hiking theater participants on alternative dates.
Wandertheater Friedl Vent Ötztal
Wandertheater Friedl Vent Ötztal
Hiking Theater Friedl Vent Ötztal

Stages of the Hike

Up to 50 people spend a full day in the mountains and start their hike towards Niederes Tal.

The walking route leads in several stages into Bartebme area, past a prehistoric stone cave and Spiegelalm (located opposite) to the vantage point near the river mouth of Diembach brook. Rest stop at Kaseralm, refreshment at the spring, further on to the old shepherds hut and then to Martin Busch Hütte. From there across the footbridge of Niederjochbach brook to an ancient rockslide area at Samoar. Here is the last scene in a hidden idyll at 2600 m above sea level.

Back to Martin Busch Hütte, a stone house dating back to the heyday of alpinism. Rest stop, food, silence. From here you can return back to the valley on the same day or stay overnight. 400 altitude meters above you will find scenic Brizzisee mountain lake in the Sömen area. A real Alpine diamond that collects ice-cold spring water coming down from Kreuzspitze peak in a small basin and invites you to enjoy a refreshing swim.


Overnight stay

Martin Busch Hütte

T: +43 5254 8130
+43 664 30 43 151
E: info@hotel-vent.at

More Hiking Tips

Brizzisee 2920 m
A steeply ascending and winding trail takes you from Martin Busch Hütte to picture-book lake Brizzisee. Hiking time: approx. 1 hour

Kreuszpitze 3455 m
Follow the steeply climbing trail from Martin Busch Hütte - past the remaining walls of Brizzihütte - to lake Brizzisee and further on to Kreuzspitze peak. Breathtaking panoramic view of the entire Ötztal Alps and the highest mountains of the Eastern Alps.
Hiking time: approx. 2.5 hours

Similaunhütte 3019 m
From Martin Busch Hütte a level trail leads towards Niederjoch ridge. Turn into the steeply ascending path on the right after about 30 minutes. Keep to the lateral moraine of Niederjoch glacier and continue another 30 minutes to Similaunhütte (no crevasses).
Hiking time: approx. 2 hours

Diemweg Trail to Vent
From Martin Busch Hütte you walk towards Vent. Behind the old shepherd's hut you turn right, heading towards the dwarf pine area. Continue on this trail until you reach a small bridge leading over Niedertalache brook (signpost!). Following this route, you cross Diembach brook and ascend to Spiegelkar. A descending trail takes you down to Ramolam and across the splendid stone pine forest back to Vent.
Hiking time: approx. 5 hours

Brizzisee Samoarsee Vent Ötztal Landscape
Similaunhütte Vent Ötztal Hiking