Mountaineering Villages

Small and neat Mountaineering Villages invite you to a pleasant stay

Vent has been a member of the Mountaineering Village Initiative since its beginnings. The affiliated villages are spread all over Austria's provinces and known as pioneers in Alpinism.

It's not a coincidence that in these associated Mountaineering Villages exists a much stronger sense of nature preservation for both inhabitants and landscapes. In high Alpine regions Alpinism is intended as a part of everyday life and culture which has been preserved and developed by locals and guests over centuries. 


Main aim and function of the Mountaineering Villages

The Mountaineering Villages are perfect examples for regional development structures within tourism in the Alps. Deeply rooted in tradition, they guarantee professional tourism facilities especially for alpinists and mountaineers combined with excellently cultivated landscapes and a high level of environmental quality. By protecting the local culture and nature treasures the Mountaineering Villages focus on individual responsibility and ability of all guests in high Alpine regions. Of course a responsible and eco-friendly behavior is an absolute must in these Alpine Competence Centers.

The Mountaineering Villages are also setting a perfect example of how their active effort influences inhabitants and nature in a positive way within the entire Alpine region. By developing environmental rules and tailor-made programs the future of the Mountaineering Villages will be in perfect tune with the protocol specifications established by the Alpine Convention.