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Hiking Theater
Friedl - of the empty pockets

A "hiking theater" leading from Vent 1900 m to Niederjochferner Glacier 2600 m, taking place from dusk to dawn. The Alpine play of success by Lawine Torrèn in Vent – Ötztal – Tirol.

A hike to the end of our world

A small group of spectators follows Archduke Friedrich of Tirol on his escape from Constance to Meran by experiencing a true Alpine drama, performed live in Alpine surroundings which resemble a Gothic cathedral.


The same ravine,

the same rushing torrent as some 600 years ago. Sheep, mountain goats, horses and marmots accompany us. The walk leads in several short stages from the pastures of Rofenhöfe Farmhouses to the destination, covering about 700 altitude meters.


Ambition, high spirits,

loyalty, betrayal, love, jealousy, fear of death and success. Friedl, the maid and an unknown woman ... the crucial scenes between Bartebme area and the glacier moraines, accompanied by avant-garde music of that time.


The special

The hikers experience sounds via radio ear buttons while the actors in their historical costumes are once far away and then very close again. Neither nature nor other hikers are influenced as dialogues and music come directly from the micro-port to your ear and are also perceptible from long distances. Every meter of this fantastic hike brings new views and insights, exciting events. It leaves pictures created 600 years ago in the minds of 50 co-hikers.

Hiking Theater Friedl Vent Ötztal
Hiking Theater Friedl Vent Ötztal


Thursday, 09.09.2021
Friday, 10.09.2021
Saturday, 11.09.2021
Sunday, 12.09.2021

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