Hiking Theater
Friedl of the empty pockets

05 to 15 September 2019

A "hiking theater" leading from Vent to Marzellferner Glacier (Ötztal | Tirol), from dusk to dawn.

Maybe this is the truest story of Tirol's Duke Friedrich IV and his escape through the Ötztal, presented in an artistic way by lawine torrèn. Special attraction: a small group of spectators can experience live sounds and quotes via earplugs and radio transmission. The actors in historical dresses are both near and far at the same time. Nature remains untouched and other hikers won't get disturbed as all dialogues reach the spectator's ear directly via microports even from a distance.

In the wide open mountains of the rear Ötztal Valley (less than 100 people live on more than 100 square kilometers) many regions are not cultivated like some 600 year ago. No trace of the 21st century can be found. Don't miss this "road movie" telling a unique story about escaping across the main Alpine ridge around 1416 - the setting is really authentic and just perfect for a real time "hiking theater" performance.

Hiking Theater Friedl Vent Ötztal

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05.09.2019 12.09.2019
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08.09.2019 15.09.2019
Friedl Theater Vent Ötztal
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