Day 1 - Similaun, 3606m

From Vent to Similaunhütte and further on to Similaun, 3606m

Ascent to Similaunhütte:
From the car park next to the chapel across a small wooden bridge – ascending southwards in the village. Downhill on the right – across a steel bridge to the check point board. Southwards along the ski run – keep to the left into Niederes Tal and towards Schäferhütte (2230m). Depending on trail conditions: along the summer route to Martin Busch Hütte (very steep slopes) or slightly descending to Niedertalbach brook – across a ravine to Martin Busch Hütte (safer!). Westwards along the ascending route to Martin Busch Hütte – further on towards the upper valley – past the eastern glacier fields of Niederjochferner – slightly rising trail to the glacier basin of Niederjoch and Similaunhütte, 3019m.

Ascent to Similaun peak:
From the hut southwards for a short track – descending route to the western part of Niederjoch glacier – towards the steep section to the upper part of the glacier – continue in south-eastern direction, heading towards the rocky mountain ridge. Leave your skis in the ski storage area at 3460m – continue along the broad north-western ridge to the steep and narrow summit.

Follow ascent route from Similaunhütte to the peak.

Special note:
It is also possible to climb the peak on the eastern part of the glacier before you reach Similaunhütte. But it is recommended to take a break on the hut and to leave some luggage there in order to conquer the peak easier!


  • Walking time to peak: 6-7 h
  • Total time required: 7-8 h
  • Difference in altitude, ascent: 1803 m
  • Difference in altitude, descent: 590 m
  • Length of ascent: 15.5 km
  • Length of descent: 2.9 km